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Project:  Diane's 24/7 Bail Bonds
Diane's 24/7 Bail Bonds services all of North East Pennsylania. Their offices are located in Allentown, PA. & Stroudsburg, PA. (Open 24 hours).  This is a unique design, it's  considered a responsive layout which was created to look like your looking a cell phone in prison.  The website is responsive so it resize itself to fit any screen size down to a mobile phone which only shows the icons on your phone, just like you're looking at your phones home screen.


Project:  The Allentown Plumber
Located in Allentown and Slatington. Serving the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. With over 20 years experience The Allentown Plumber can solve any plumbing problem!  Whether you’re planning a renovation or need routine maintenance on your home or business’ plumbing systems, their team of professional plumbers does it right. This website was build on  Wordpress framework and is fully size responsive with an administrator backend.


Project:  Samuel Owens
Home of the famous Eatvents daily specials.  This local sports bar and restaurant serves up some amazing food and unique beers on tap.  Family owned and operated.  Banquet rooms up to 50 people, and even catering.  Erased electric wires from the photo of the restaurant, and took food and additional images of the interior and exterior.  This website currently has no special sized mobile website.


Project:  Budget Instant Print
Budget Instant Print is located in Whitehall Pennsylvania.  At the same location for 30 years, they do some of the best printing in Allentown.  Color & B/W Copies, Post Cards, Door Hangers, Letter head, Envelopes, Business Cards, Brochures, Pads, & Lots more.  The owner will always greet you with a smile.  The logo & website designed.   A simple but effective mobile sized website was recently added to this website which was original made a few years ago.


Project:  Birchwood Inn
The Birchwood Inn located on Virginia's Eastern Shore, Chincoteague Island, Virginia boasts some of the finest beaches along the Atlantic coastline. Have you ever dreamed of being on an unspoiled island, your toes in the soft white sand, surrounded by bountiful wildlife and crystal clear water? Imagine watching the wild Chincoteague ponies roam. Built on a Wordpress framework, the website is fully responsive with administative backend login.


Project:  A1 Industrial Pump
A1 Industrial Pump, Allentown Pa. There is no Industrial Pump Repair job they haven’t seen.  They strive to be the leader in industrial pump repair & maintenance services, which is why they only employ the best technicians in the field. There is no industrial pump repair job that they haven't faced. Offering field service and on site repairs, with their state of the art repairs in their in-house facililty.  This website is fully responsive with an administrator backend.


Project:  Eric Schlosser Memorials
Erich Schlosser Memorials was establised in 1980.  Erich Schlosser has build a solid reputation throughout the Monument Memorial Industry during its years of business.  A full service memorial dealer, the business is family owned and independently operated offering Momunment Markers, Signs, Mausoleums, Bronze Plaques, Landscape Items, and even Pet Memorials.  This was a reasonably priced website with the photography, graphic design, & website all made here.


Project:  The Christian Mint
The Christian Mint sells a very unique product. Christian medals with encalsulated sacred soil from such sites as Saint Francis of Assisi. The medals are handmade in Italy and the soils are guaranteed by the founder.  Men & womens necklaces, and medals made especially for your favorite puppy or cat.  Seek the protection of the saints.  I also created the graphics and the medal photography.  This website accepts payments from credit cards, paypal, & amazon.


Project:  Moyerlake & Campground
Description:  Moyerslake & Campground is located in Coopersburg, PA. and is one of my oldest clients.  I personally fish here as often as possible.  For big bass, nice size trout, and friendly faces Moyerslake is the place to go!  No liscence required.  Get away from the city & relax as your transported into the past as your cast into the wild at Moyers Lake.  You never know what you might catch.  I'm happy to talk fish stories anytime.
 Photos, graphics, video, & layout.


Project:  Green Eagle Marketplace
Located in Slatington PA.  This is a local businesses that needed a one page website to give them an online pressence.  Sometimes you don't want to spend alot of money to let people to know who and where you are.  I also took the clothing photos.  Simple & effective.  All clients gets the same attention to detail.  I appreciate when companies shop local, I know I try!


Project:  Condo Reconciliation Group
Description:  Condo Reconciliation Group, Inc. greatest primary task is to bring Unity to the Liberian people, this is no unsolvable problem. Wisely and courageously, this can be accomplished by all peace loving people, in the United States and in the country of Liberia.  The Condo website offers a way for people to donate to their cause and a blog for them that allows members to post updates on their cause.


Project:  Stock My Art
This website was created to offer free stock photos and images to artists and photographers, or anyone else interested.  The website is a custom coded and offers a great user experience.  Free to join, new members recieve 20 credits towards higher quality downloads.  Low quality images costing nothing.  Being a photographer & artist myself I've found it a great place to demo and sell my work.



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