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Graphic Design
Computer-aided graphics and digital imaging techniques have revolutionized the creative process in recent years.  As a result, graphic design has become a staple for advertising, media, and print.  Many designers rely solely on stock images and over-used clip art pieces in their design solutions.  I always try to create art work with the highest quality and creative uniqueness that you deserve.

Website Graphics
Website banners can be an essential part of any website or internet marketing plan.  There are many websites which do banner swaps, or you can place banners on websites for a monthly fee.  Most importantly banners can add movement and pizzazz to your own website.  They can be eye catching and will draw the viewers attention towards your company, product, or event.  Graphics,  buttons, menus, custom art, eye catching collages, background images, and other elements can easily give your website a whole new look.

Web graphics & banners are compressed into the smallest amount of data possible for speedy browsing by your customers.  I use many techniques to keep file sizes as small as possible without losing quality, so you can keep your web visitors blazing around your web site.  Many times customers are lost due to slow loading websites, don't fall prey to this.

Interactive menus can be created for existing websites.  These are great for adding a professional look to your website and gives your end user a much better experience.  Menus are custom made to fit with quality.  Button navigation for the menus are created using multiple images, flash, gif animations, or html5.  Website graphics aren't expensive, contact me for a free estimate.


Vector Art & Layouts
Media Covers, Brochures, Business Cards, Ad Layouts and much more.  Looking for effective, innovative design solutions for your marketing and promotional projects?  I'm here to help.

drg_brochure   The graphical display of information is among the most obvious and important forms of visual communications. The organization of unique data into a form that is recognizable at a glance yet can be studied and probed over a period of time is a great asset that offers great value to both audience and presenter. Vector art and layout design is a powerful means of conveying, many ideas with a single glance.  A great example of this is my own personal brochure and business card.

I've been providing high quality work for companies ranging in size from large international firms to small independently owned businesses since 1994. From concept development, to designing artwork, to ensuring your projects are completed with quality and on time. 


Logo Creation
You may be asking yourself "Why do I need a logo?"  If you take a moment to look around the web, on television, newspapers, catalogs, even the mail you will see that logo designs are everywhere and an essential part of any company's image.
I work to represent the nature of your company with a simple visual metaphor as possible, making an identity.   It's a known fact that all successful 'brand name' companies rely heavily on their logo design for recognition within their industry & among their customers.  Compare your logo with competitors.  Is it compelling?  Is it memorable?     

Having professional logo designers like myself work on your logo can be an essential.  Without a logo, or even worse with a poorly designed logo, your company's image could be lessened.  You may even appear 'amateur' to the consumer.  Don't let this happen.  Your logo might mean the difference between a new customer calling or not calling you.  As a business you can't afford this type of negative impression. Renew your company's image.

My goal is to build long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships, with every client.  You can be sure that all work is designed to exceed your greatest expectations.  Every design is geared to enhance how you are viewed and to "wow" your audience.

Accomplished in a number of different mediums.  I can create original artwork, animations, or custom websites to fit any design requirement.  Drawing from years of experience incorporating together different ways of design & development, adding originality and uniqueness to create amazing designs. 


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Web Design
Offering a wide range of services in website design, and internet development. Specializing in creating custom layouts.

Image manipulation, photo editing, banners, ads, logos, custom art, layouts, vectors,  and branding are just a few areas of this category.

Do you have any products, art pieces, places, business, or any thing else that needs professionally captured digital images taken?
One of the best ways of trying to capture a viewers attention is by using moving animations. You might be amazed what's possible.

Are you interested?  Learn more by viewing some past projects I'm proud of.

With over thirty years of knowledge I offer my clients a wide range of professional services.

Would you like to email me, request a quote, setup an appointment, or just say hello.  Please contact me anytime.  Thank you.


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