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3D Concept Creation
Take any idea and make it come alive in full 360 degree motion.   Drawings can be taken and transformed into an exact replicas in movable 3d space which can then be used in a variety of ways.  Concept design can help you get funding for a new product, or printable model.  Help show Angle investors your concept to help sell an idea.  3d can even be used to show or solve problems with almost anything before it is actually made. 

Virtual Reality
Blueprints can be turned into 3d models for virtual tours.    

Accident Reconstuction
Legal battles happen all the time.  When they do, trust in 3d to show your side of the case with the clearest view possible.  What better way to prove your case then to have a mock-up visual 3D reconstruction shown in the court room.  

The scene is created in virtual 3D and then set in the actual location. 3D Animation can give you virtual evidence that the eye won't see without being there.  Watch the action unhold as it happened.  Increase the chances of winning your case.  Computer animation will help you show in full motion video exactly what happen.  Recreate auto accidents, slip & falls, or any accident that can possibly happen.    

Animated Logos
3d animated text, company logos & animated characters add a whole new image to your company.  Give new life to your product or company!

Flat company logos can be extracted into 3d. These can then be fully animated into videos for web or tv.  Your logo or company name viewable in 360 degrees and can interact with an assortment of other 3d objects giving you a powerful new way to reach your audience.  Give your company image the competitive edge of 3d animation.  

Animated commercials are a great way to capture your audiences attention.  Computer-aided design and digital imaging techniques have revolutionized the creative process in recent years.  Bring your advertising to life using 3D Animation.  It's amazing what's possible!  

HTML5, Shockwave, Gif Animations
Animation, video, & moving online moving image techniques have revolutionized the internet users experience in recent years.  I'm an expert in most computer file types and deploying them with all compatiblity requirements. 

My goal is to build long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships, with every client.  You can be sure that all work is designed to exceed your greatest expectations.  Every design is geared to enhance how you are viewed and to "wow" your audience.

Accomplished in a number of different mediums.  I can create original artwork, animations, or custom websites to fit any design requirement.  Drawing from years of experience incorporating together different ways of design & development, adding originality and uniqueness to create amazing designs. 



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Web Design
Offering a wide range of services in website design, and internet development. Specializing in creating custom layouts.

Image manipulation, photo editing, banners, ads, logos, custom art, layouts, vectors,  and branding are just a few areas of this category.

Do you have any products, art pieces, places, business, or any thing else that needs professionally captured digital images taken?
One of the best ways of trying to capture a viewers attention is by using moving animations. You might be amazed what's possible.

Are you interested?  Learn more by viewing some past projects I'm proud of.

With over thirty years of knowledge I offer my clients a wide range of professional services.

Would you like to email me, request a quote, setup an appointment, or just say hello.  Please contact me anytime.  Thank you.



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